Friday, November 25, 2011's first auction

Breaking news.

As I checked earlier, I saw some auctions ending in 9 hours.


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sara Snow is trolling in the deep: from BiliBid to

If you have been following the fan page of BiliBid, odds are you have already encountered Sara Snow.

Sara Snow has been trolling in the BiliBid fan page for a while. She has been making malicious comments on the page but I can't see most of them now, maybe the moderators of the page banned her already.

Thanks to the cache of Google search, I have recovered some of them. Here's a sample of her comments:

I can't recover find her other comments now, but some of them say something like:
  • BiliBid is a project of some part-time college student.
  • BiliBid is closing.
  • Maybe BiliBid cannot afford to buy the prizes.
Now she's making her way to another relatively new penny auction site, She's accusing of copying everything from PisoBid. Here's a screenshot of her post:

Another user, Jane Montero, defends saying that it was a stock photo available on the Internet. She also accused Sara Snow of working for PisoBid.

Curious, I checked out Sara Snow's profile. Most of her friends have "Travel" as their last names. Then upon checking on her wall, I saw that she made a comment and even posted a photo on Ensogo Philippines' wall.

As you can see above, the photo she uploaded on Ensogo's wall was the logo of PisoBid. The contents of the photo description were instructions on how to redeem 24 free bids if you bought an Ensogo voucher for PisoBid.

Her post on Ensogo's wall makes me think that she is indeed working for PisoBid - just like what Jane Montero is claiming. In case Jane's accusations were true, I would be saddened to know that PisoBid is going this low to slowly kill competition.

I believe in competition. The more penny auctions sites out there, the better. It will make the owners of these website set their Piso Auction apart from others.